1. The first 2 pages of the comic formally known as safespace

  2. check out this music video for this song I made

  3. The last page and inside back cover of refractoreyes

  4. Pages 22 and 23 only 1 more page to go

  5. Pages 20-21, holla at me if youd like to trade for a copy of this

  6. 18 and 19 Yo!

  7. Heres a page from the new comic im working on

  8. Heres pages 16-17 , I keep forgetting to post these pages, also im almost finished with the next comic after this which for now is called “safespace”

  9. Heres pages 14-15 of refractoreyes!

  10. Pages 12-13 of refractoreyes!

    sorry for the shitty photos