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    Adventure Box is an ambitious voxel-based RPG maker that allows you to build worlds, populate them with characters and enemies, then craft your own RPG adventures with complex stories and character development.

    The initial world creation process is both highly customisable and easy to use, with you able to adjust key values such as ‘cavern frequency’ or ‘temperature zones’.  It will then procedurally generate a vast and unique world for you to build on and populate with characters and enemies.  You’ll then be able to create dialogue, quests and stories, crafting your very own voxel-based RPG adventure which you can share with friends.  Still early in development, the browser based interface is a little rough around the edges at the moment, but there’s no denying Adventure Box has huge potential.

    As it’s a voxel based sandbox building game, comparisons will no doubt be made to Minecraft,  but it really is so much more than that.  Adventure Box gives you all the tools needed to not only build worlds, but also characters and stories.  It’s a place where your imagination and creativity can really run wild (in voxel form).

    Sign-Up For The Alpha!

    Shoutout to all the folks I’d love to see do something with this, like shadowgoo, spacemarinescum, battleass, zegaroth, laspliten, bogleech, dragondicks, tyrantisterror and probably some other folks I forgot to mention!

    this looks pretty damn amazing

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